2020 Participating Artists

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Fearing the fire

Dion Cross
1200mm x 1000mm x 1000mm  /  
Metal sculpture
Australian fire hawks had long been thought of as an Aboriginal myth until recent studies have proven their existence.

The Raptors carry burning embers from an existing bushfire and start a new fire to burn out prey. As the pandemic spreads like wildfire around the world, was it started by a natural spark or carried to burn out prey? Many find ways to benefit, while others retreat amongst the burning shrubs in fear. We all need each other to survive, yet each of us in the community is how the fire is spread. Fearing the fire. 

About the artist

Cross is a Chinchilla based artist working in the field of 3D sculpture. He finds inspiration from the rural landscape and the Australian bush and loves using raw discarded items to not only create interesting sculptures, but to also preserve and showcase the items themselves.