2020 Participating Artists

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Out of adversity: new beginnings

Kay Joyce
1000mm x 500mm  /  
The Australian Landscape is often subjected to extremes of flood and fire, but plants have evolved to survive these catastrophises.

New beginnings is the story of survival: of renewal of ecosystems whether they be natural or man-made. Seeing the green of new shoots and growth contrasted against the harsh black and grey of charcoal and ash from fire, or the browns from the mud and flooding rain, gives hope and optimism to recover from the trauma and shock of these disasters.

About the artist

Living in the Bunya Mountains provides the inspiration and nurturing environment for Joyce to use her love of textiles to produce pieces that express an idea or feeling. The mountain ecosystem embodies the wisdom, persistence, tranquillity, brilliance and complexity that is nature. As a medium, textiles possess visual and tactile qualities that enable the artist great freedom in exploration. She utilises these qualities and with both hand and machine techniques create textures, colours, patterns, shapes and forms to tell my stories. In recent years Joyce has begun to explore issues relating to the natural environment as it is affected by the impact of human activity.