2020 Participating Artists

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Phoenix the fire bird rising

Guy Breay
1000mm x 1260mm x 550mm  /  
Salvaged Budgeroo stump
Inspired by the natural shape of a salvaged, bushfire damaged tree stump, this artwork depicts the legendary Phoenix as a graceful fire bird rising from its ashes.

Despite the damage, age and cavities within the roots, there was an appearance of a forlorn bird waiting to be brought back to life. She is still not completely recovered from the fire. Maybe this is the auspicious year of recovery she has been waiting for. Now with her beak open in song, the Phoenix waits patiently for the opportunity to fly to her new home. 

About the artist

Breay is attracted to the texture of old, gnarled, and twisted wood, especially tree stumps and dead branches with interesting shapes. Sourcing timber from his sustainably managed forest property ‘The Stiks’, these act as a source of inspiration to capture movement, contrasting colour and texture. This work is further enhanced by the subtle use of natural edge, lines, and negative spaces. Constantly evolving, Breay’s carving style echoes of his earlier life in India, Papua New Guinea, and now at ‘The Stiks’.