2020 Participating Artists

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Seeds of renewal

Kay Vidler
380mm x 260mm x 850mm (diameter)  /  
The body of this piece represents the chaos the world is facing.

Look closely and find seeds intertwined with this chaos. Seeds that are just below the surface waiting to grow; seeds of rebirth and hope; seeds to renew our devastated forests and communities; seeds of hope for our farmers; and seeds of new life. We can all use positive thoughts, words and actions to plant energy into our communities. The bands at the top and bottom represent strength; strength in banding together to support our families, neighbours and communities to rise above the despair.

About the artist

Vidler is a Ceramic Artist who studied Studio Ceramics in the late ‘80s making functional ware for many years. After a long break she has rediscovered her passion for all things clay. Now she enjoys combining wheel work and hand building to create unique pieces both functional and ornamental.