2020 Participating Artists

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Chinchilla gold

Helen Dennis
610mm x 510mm  /  
Acrylic on canvas
Chinchilla Wattle (Acacia Chinchillensis), is one of the 600 plus species of wattle distributed across Australia.

They live life to the full, growing rapidly from seed and flowering profusely from a young age. Like the Phoenix, the wattle seed can remain dormant for many years before the right conditions arise for it to germinate. For the Phoenix it born again by rising from the ashes of its predecessor, for the wattle it is rebirthed by the Australian bush fire.

About the artist

Through her art Dennis seeks to narrate the story of rural Australia in a contemporary context. Regional Australian colours are featured in compositions created from multidimensional images and perspectives, integrating to create her unique perspective of the country. A strong signature of her work is a minute attention to detail.