2020 Participating Artists

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Ephemeral lagoon

Helen Dennis
610mm x 510mm  /  
Acrylic on canvas
Like the Phoenix, the Ephemeral Lagoon, also known as a billabong, has its own cycle of life.

It arises from the flooding of the creek, and then dies again with the evaporation of its waters over time. In times of plenty the Lagoon creates its own unique wetland environment, where flora and fauna abound. In times of want the big trees die and fall, creating hollow logs for homes and the protection of fauna. In times of flood, fallen timber is pushed down the creeks and rivers, creating natural dams and new ephemeral lagoons. Nature is cyclical and regenerative.

About the artist

Through her art Dennis seeks to narrate the story of rural Australia in a contemporary context. Regional Australian colours are featured in compositions created from multidimensional images and perspectives, integrating to create her unique perspective of the country. A strong signature of her work is a minute attention to detail.