2020 Participating Artists

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Myth of the box tree

Cindy Grimes
510mm x 610mm  /  
Acrylic on canvas
My husband enjoys telling the story of the Box trees which dot the flat around our home.

How, in early 2020, amongst the dust and tinder dry grass of extreme drought, new leaf began to shoot and grow, heralding the hope of coming rain, which fortunately did arrive. This Box tree, casting its shadow on the wall of the shed, is indeed like the Phoenix, but this old shed tells the story of generations of farmers, not just hanging on through good times and bad, but persevering and thriving, to rise Phoenix like again and again.

About the artist

Grimes’ creative interest is not limited to the Queensland landscape, but its influence is strong. A fascination with capturing the stories in her own backyard grows stronger the more she observes and creates. She enjoys experimenting with acrylics and mixed media, focusing on the element of line in her artwork.