2020 Participating Artists

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Jean Cuskelly
310mm x 250mm  /  
Watercolour and ink on canvas
Sometimes I whisper to myself, “Just take one step, balance, breathe, then take another.”

Scared-self whispers back, “What if we trip and fall? What if we get lost? I hear an unknown growling – best stay where we are.” On sweet days, I remember to seek out nature and its wild gifts: a crimson sky, a musky whiff of nutmeg, a tentative, buttery leaf, curling and reaching into its unknown future. I remould my memories and challenges into my means of transport; a trusty companion carrying me forwards to new horizons, fresh with hope and wonder.

About the artist

Cuskelly is finding her feet as an artist, dabbling in whimsical watercolour paintings. Mother bird, teacher and learner, she is currently exploring the constant flux which embodies the essence of home, heart and harmony.