2020 Participating Artists

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Out of the ashes a new era dawns

Roseanne Steele
920mm x 1220mm  /  
Acrylic on canvas
2020 has been difficult with lockdowns because of the Covid pandemic.

This is a time when we need hope and so my painting depicts the darkness that has enveloped us but rising up out of it to the dawning of a new day. In our isolation we have learnt resilience, patience, compassion, strength and hope. So, from these lessons we will arise to another day, different people with new ways of doing things and an optimistic hope for the future. Like the mythical Phoenix bird that arose out of the ashes will we rise again.

About the artist

Steele lives in Chinchilla, Queensland and is a versatile artist able to work in many mediums, including watercolours, pastels and oils. More recently she has been experimenting with watercolour pencils. Rosanne is developing her style by painting many subjects, including flowers and these days her choice of medium is acrylics.