2020 Participating Artists

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Daisy flesh

Kristen Flynn
545mm x 420mm  /  
Digital photography on giclee print on Canson rag
The Phoenix is a symbol of the never-ending cycle of life and death.

My self-portrait, Daisy flesh, was created using photography and digital technologies, and plays with the duality of both life and death simultaneously. I recognise that I am at the cusp of death, with a desire for my body to return to the dirt; however, I also see this as the beginning of life – to merge from nature. I have purposely transformed my skin, which is the barrier to my insides, to show how my identity will be lost as my flesh breaks down. 

About the artist

Flynn’s practice investigates the nuances of peoples’ identities through the layering and intertwining of images. Flynn wants her work to stimulate thoughts and feelings of transcendence – a moving between worlds, whilst foregrounding the abject nature of the human body and its destiny to return to the earth.