2020 Participating Artists

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Patricia Hinz
670mm x 995mm  /  
Mixed media
At present the media and society generally focus on the possibility of the end of life as we know it.

For years we have been consumed with fears about terrorism, drought, fire, flood, climate change and now the pandemic. It is easy to be overwhelmed with hopelessness. However, I have faith in the human spirit and expect that like the Phoenix we will find a way to survive, just as nature comes to life again after the rain. Fungi, ferns and wildflowers are followed by ants, bugs then larger animals. Regeneration has begun.

About the artist

Hinz is a mixed media artist, living and gaining inspiration from her property on the Western Downs. Her paintings invite the viewer to take a second look at the world around them and notice the little masterpieces nature provides, the memories they evoke and the joy they give.