2020 Participating Artists

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Silver lining

Kylee Cooke
1200mm x 1000mm   /  
Mixed media
The world we recognise seems to be crumbling and burning down around us.

If there was a silver lining, it is the photos and stories going viral across social media that whilst humans were all locked away inside, animals were reclaiming the land. Unfortunately, it was not true, providing only false hope. This artwork depicts the news story that dolphins suddenly appeared in the now clear Venetian canals. The mediums of silver leaf and the glass glitter illustrate the notion of fool’s gold – that something initially perceived as beautiful may not be what it seems, and urging us to find out the truth for ourselves.

About the artist

As an emerging artist Cooke has been endeavouring to set aside time to create and has finally set up her own little art room! In this new space she is enjoying experimenting with different mediums and recently studied caricature and picture book illustration. Currently exploring oil painting, her goals are to continue to explore artistic creativity, create unique artwork, and find her own distinctive style.