2020 Participating Artists

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The gardener

Kristen Flynn
340mm x 240mm  /  
Sakura oil on Fabriano paper
The gardener is a self-portrait that retells the Greek myth of the Phoenix through a personal lens.

I explore the concept that one day I will return to the soil and my decomposed matter will be part of the regeneration of another life form. My chest is layered with foliage from a leopard tree in my garden, and I have gum-tree wings growing out of my back symbolising my renewal and rebirth from the ‘ashes’ of lifeforms before me. The Gardener was created using digital technologies, and traditional intaglio printmaking methods with oil ink on paper.

About the artist

Flynn’s practice investigates the nuances of peoples’ identities through the layering and intertwining of images. Flynn wants her work to stimulate thoughts and feelings of transcendence – a moving between worlds, whilst foregrounding the abject nature of the human body and its destiny to return to the earth.