2020 Participating Artists

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True colours

Jo Kucks
790mm x 540mm  /  
Mixed media
This multimedia piece celebrates the rebirth of our community through inclusiveness and acceptance.

For those of us who were born different, life can be a little more challenging at times. Our town recognises the individual beauty beneath the sometimes irregular, outer layers of ourselves, our brothers and sisters and together, as a community of strength we have coherent harmony. Just like the natural wonder of the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree – the tree of many colours, Dalby is a beautiful community of ‘true colours’.

About the artist

Kucks is a local artist, who has been involved in the artist community for well on 15 years. She enjoys all types of art but has a passion for charcoal, acrylic and mixed-media painting. Kucks loves a good story and invites you to see into her creations and find your own interpretation of her works.