Aelfrid the Wise

Kay Joyce
450mm x 450mm x 150mm   /  

This artwork is available for purchase. Please contact the exhibiting gallery for details

Ancient peoples lived as one with their environment, learning from other creatures and understanding the essential truths and principles of nature. These exist to guide us in our survival and wellbeing. We ignore them at our peril. Living among the Bunya trees with their connections to Aboriginal people and their Dreaming, reminds me of the connections to the mythical time of “Faerie” for the descendants of the ancient Celtic peoples of the northern hemisphere. 

About the artist

The Bunya Mountains provide inspiration for Joyce to create textile pieces that express an idea or feeling. Hand and machine techniques create textures, colours, patterns, and shapes. These visual and tactile qualities enable freedom to tell stories. Joyce has begun to explore issues relating to the natural environment as affected by the impact of human activity.