Christopher Rigg
440mm x 200mm x 120mm   /  
Silky Oak

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1st Place: 3D Works

This freestanding work in timber is reminiscent of a dry water course. The cracked surface and flat twisted form replicate our parched river systems during times of drought. The many turns and bends of our rivers as they snake their way across the country, spilling their banks when in flood and baking themselves dry when not.

The simple geometry of this sculptural form, embellished with marks suggestive of a parched river bed, operates as an abstracted symbol. By leaving the opposite face of the work smooth and flat and thus highlighting the rippled grain of the timber, associations can be made with a river, when swollen and full. Via its upright orientation, the simple geometry of the sculpture is simultaneously suggestive of a hulking, brooding figure-form, which in this way sets up associated ideas around people and place.

Material, processes and design have come together effectively in this work, which portrays a raw but powerful representation of a place and the seasonal changes that occur there.

About the artist

Rigg is a Chinchilla based artist working primarily in works on paper or in timber. Rigg attended Newcastle art school in the 1980s and has recently made a return to his arts practise.