The traveller

Helen Dennis
1000mm x 1000mm   /  
Acrylic on canvas

This artwork is available for purchase. Please contact the exhibiting gallery for details

The Anthropocene Epoch has been a time of great journeys, exploration, and ultimately, habitation by humans. Accompanying us has been our familiar flora and fauna. A single Jacaranda mimosifolia, originally from Argentina and Bolivia, was planted in Brisbane Botanic Gardens in 1864. Its seeds and seedlings then travelled throughout Queensland, creating scenes of purple rain through many of our regional towns. This magnificent specimen planted in the 1950s in Chinchilla, provided decades of joy for those passing by before its lifespan ended.

About the artist

Through her art Dennis seeks to narrate the story of rural Australia in a contemporary context. Regional Australian colours are featured in compositions created from multidimensional images and perspectives, integrating to create her unique perspective of the country.