Promise of butterflies

Shiree Wenham
345mm x 475mm   /  
Watercolour on paper

This artwork is available for purchase. Please contact the exhibiting gallery for details

Delicate colourful butterflies are very susceptible to their environment, any variation in air quality, chemicals or pollution are detrimental to their health. To see butterflies is a sign of clean, healthy air. While there is much publicity regarding industry practices in our Anthropocene Epoch, the many and diverse varieties of butterflies are a positive sign. These beautiful butterflies are a reminder to always consider the impact our practices will have on the ecosystem.

About the artist

Shiree Wenham is relatively new to the art world, having attended her first art day in late 2018, where she first tried her hand at watercolour. She finds she is learning so much with every new piece attempted and is delighted to have this creative outlet.