Rainforest nightmare

Peter Roodveldt
400mm x 500mm   /  
Acrylic on canvas

This artwork is available for purchase. Please contact the exhibiting gallery for details

In December 2019, I was shocked that our treasured Bunya Mountains rainforest was threatened by bushfires breaking out in its foothills. Long drought caused by climate change had taken its toll, sucking vegetation dry. Bunya pines and eucalyptus trees full of oils and resins were vulnerable to heat as never before.

This painting reflects that nightmare occurrence. A positive outcome was the creation of the Local Disaster Management group in 2021 to keep residents safe and to increase our awareness of how our actions impact on environment.

About the artist

Roodveldt observes nature surrounding him in his rainforest retreat; his paintings capturing its varied forms throughout the seasons. He prefers to use acrylic paints to create abstract images of nature and achieve different textures.