Domination 2

Seth Gerke
4K 3840 x 2160   /  
Digital video/photography

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1st Place: Photography - digital, and new media art

Nature is almighty. I cannot control its unpredictable power; I can only adapt to the control it has over me. My core focus is to explore my local landscapes as a means of communicating my passion and involvement in natural environments to my audience. My artwork documents these landscapes through exploiting my own time-lapse photography, film and sound compositions. 160,000 photos capture the authority, aesthetic and immense scale of nature. I’m able to capture the almighty language of the changing environment that mankind can never control. 

In this ambitious and evocative work, we are stuck by the majesty of the landscapes of the region and the drama of the vast skies that cloak them. With its focus on the energy of the clouds rendered in hyper-motion through the time-lapse methodology, this work highlights humankind’s utter insignificance in the drama. We are reduced to a few moving particles, flashing along roadways, or to tiny flecks of houses on the landscape as the major action unfolds across the sky.

By exploiting scale and compressing time in this way, the artist has made visible extraordinary forces of nature that might, when stretched into real-time, go unnoticed. Married with a dramatic music score, and edited sensitively in response to it, the viewer is at once awed and inspired by the vision that unfolds.

Through mastery of the complex medium of film, the artist has produced a mesmerising work which condenses time and energy, revealing the landscape and weather patterns to the viewer in new and dramatic ways. The scope of this artwork as well as the landscape rendered in it, is breathtaking.

About the artist

Gerke documents and exploits changing landscapes through time-lapse photography and music compositions. His relentless passion to capture evolving, turbulent structures fuels Gerke’s respect for the domination of weather and his almighty God.