Winds of change

Mary Mahoney
430mm x 530mm  /  
Pencil, ink and watercolour on paper

This artwork is available for purchase. Please contact the exhibiting gallery for details

As I drove from Dalby to Kingaroy, I had my first startling glimpse of Coopers Gap Wind Farm rising purposefully out of the plains. To me, this is definitive recognition of climate change. We’re used to windmills providing life-giving water; now wind farms give life to our environment by reducing atmospheric carbon emissions. It seemed converse yet fitting. Modern green technology set against the ancient green world of the Bunya Mountains rainforest shows positive action for us all.

About the artist

Mary Mahoney lives in a rainforest setting in Queensland, where many of her painting subjects are found. Subjects tend to be botanical or of local birds, both of which allow fine detail to be used. Landscape painting provides a change of artistic approach.