2022 Participating Artists

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Blowing bubbles

Lisa Stiller
490mm x 490mm x 175mm   /  
Acrylic paint on glass and mirror

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Lisa Stiller

Kaleidoscopes are fun and beautiful, random in their delight, just like blowing bubbles. But their real beauty is the joy they bring, allowing us to remember our inner child and become playful once again.

Gaze through the colourful bubbles floating on glass, to see the real beauty at the depth of this piece – you. Look at you. Look into your soul. You are the beauty, seen through the layers. It’s you.

This artwork has been lovingly framed with timber from our old hay shed, recalling things of old, just like the treasure of the old-fashioned kaleidoscopes we have all played with.

About the artist

Stiller began her artistic practice later in life and has found a love for mixed media. From her rural setting on the Western Downs, she enjoys the escapism and playfulness of art. Stiller is intentional about creating abstract beauty that pleases the eye, and soothes the soul, using colour to stir emotion and impart joy.