2022 Participating Artists

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Nature the ultimate alchemist

Kay Joyce
360mm x 360mm x 50mm   /  

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Kay Joyce

Well before humans attempted to create wealth by transforming basic substances into something more rare and therefore valuable, nature was at work creating the building blocks of life from basic elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon etc. Colours, seen and unseen by humans, are vital to the continuation of the cycle of life. They play a pivotal role in the Blue Carpenter Bee as sole pollinator for this Polygala bush, in ensuring continuation of the species, production of honey, and providing enjoyment for its human observers.

About the artist

Living in the Bunya Mountains provides the creative inspiration and nurturing environment to use textiles to produce pieces that tell a story. Joyce utilises the visual and tactile qualities of fibre to explore ideas and celebrate the mysterious and beautiful natural world along with the complexity of relationships existing within.