2022 Participating Artists

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Kay Vidler
305mm x 229mm x 76mm   /  

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1st Place: 3D Works

Kay Vidler

This piece is a reflection of my journey in the world of ceramics: colours and shapes, the predictably and unpredictability of results, and the sheer joy of being part of the process. The parallels between the kaleidoscope, with its beautiful colours and shapes falling unpredictably on a mirror, and the glowing colours and patterns of this ceramic piece as it was removed from a Raku kiln are striking. The patterns and shapes are formed not only by me, but also by the method of firing over which I have no control, just as the kaleidoscope forms uncontrolled patterns.

Curator's Comment

Opening the box to the smell of smoky raku firing was exciting with this piece. Then unwrapping the beautiful shapes and revealing the amazing textures created by the technique rounded out the experience. Drawing on the theme, the artist compares the unpredictability of the patterns and shapes viewed through a kaleidoscope to the calculated risks that a ceramist takes in using techniques such as raku. Tied together with bold black lines and geometric patterns of blue, this piece is simply stunning.

About the artist

Vidler finds the challenge of ceramic art addictive. She is currently exploring the Raku firing process combining nature’s elements of earth, fire, air and water in an intricate balance providing her with endless possibilities. She designs and builds decorative and functional pieces that reflect her love of shape and form.