2022 Participating Artists

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Drifting along

Helen Dennis
610mm x 760mm   /  
Acrylic on canvas

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2nd Place: Painting

Helen Dennis

Along the banks of our creek, the water’s translucency exposes the flotsam and jetsam of nature’s life cycle. Leaves, sticks and miniscule water plants form community clusters, readjusting their patterns as the creek water ebbs and flows. Their colours change through greens to browns to greys as they age and decay. At every stage patterns reform, rearrange, and respond to the forces that impact on them.

Curator's Comment

The artist has created quite a graphic representation of the kaleidoscope by tearing up images and rearranging them to create a collage of images. The 12 canvases create a calendar of the rich colours of the region that are transformed from ‘The Year That Was’ into the ‘Year That Will Be’, looking forward from challenge and change. There are so many intricate patterns created through the artist’s method, both natural and built forms that has me wanting to ask the artist more questions.

About the artist

Through her art Dennis seeks to narrate the story of rural Australia in a contemporary context. Regional Australian colours are featured in compositions created from multidimensional images and perspectives, integrating to create her unique perspective of the country. A strong signature of her work is her minute attention to detail.