2022 Participating Artists

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From sunrise to sunset (and then some)

Hilary Coulter
255mm x 305mm x 40mm   /  
Watercolour, embroidery thread and beads on calico

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2nd Place: 3D Works

Hilary Coulter

In the fortnight leading up to the completion of this work, our babysitter had gastro, my son (3) had conjunctivitis, I spilt boiling water on my foot resulting in a considerable burn, my daughter (5) taught herself how to climb up on the trapeze and swing like a fairy, we had a night in hospital with my son, my husband and I contributed to the running of a fundraiser for our local kindergarten, my son chased 10 scary monsters out of the garden, and my daughter taught my son how to pronounce the word ‘balloon’ properly. It’s a crazy, precious, kaleidoscopic life.

Curator's Comment

The layers and textures in this textile work are achieved with such precision. The watercolour almost looks like velvet with the thread work finished with a great level of competency. The composition is drawn together by the layers of backdrop landscape with stitches and beads defining those layers in sunset colours and shaping the edges of the leaves in shadow. Overall a well-considered composition and a high level of technical skill that reflects the abstracted shapes created by a kaleidoscope.

About the artist

Coulter’s works combine a mixture of watercolour, fabric, thread, and beads to create colourful compositions of colour, texture and subject. Taking inspiration from both abstract painters and textile artists, Coulter’s work explores the application of contemporary embroidery techniques to represent still life in colourful and tactile scenes.