2022 Participating Artists

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Cindy Grimes
900mm x 600mm   /  
Acrylic on canvas

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1st Place: Painting

Cindy Grimes

We can describe our lives as a kaleidoscope of experiences, bold technicolour, pastel shades, or the grey of darker times; a journey of direction, changes and surprises which makes up a life. This self-portrait is a vehicle for reflection. Do I really see and respond to the detail and patterns in the turning tube of others’ stories? How well do I reflect on my own? Do the subtleties show on our faces? Or does everything blend together into one blur of colour and light?

Curator's Comment

This piece struck me from the moment I entered the room. The piercing and poignant stare from this artist’s self-portrait entices you to want to explore it closely. The work is technically well-executed and strongly reflects the kaleidoscope theme through the use of colour and refracted imagery that provides a montage of elements of the artist’s life story.

About the artist

Grimes is an artist living in the Hannaford district on the Western Downs. Although she is mostly inspired by the life, stories and landscapes of her own backyard, Grimes enjoys the challenge of other themes and ideas. She is currently exploring acrylics and watercolour, learning more as she experiments with her own process.