2022 Participating Artists

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Not so common Bronzewing

Karen Gaskell
760mm x 615mm   /  
Mixed media on canvas

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Karen Gaskell

A wildly colourful, unfinished abstract painting set the scene for this artwork. The idea of creating a subject in the ‘scene’ that mirrored the patterns and colours already there drew me to the male Common Bronzewing pigeon. However, ‘common’ the Bronzewing pigeon may be, the resplendent metallic colours in the wing feathers made it the perfect subject. The complex interplay of colour, pattern, and light between the ground and the bird, as the artwork was created and changed, mirrored the turning of a kaleidoscope. The result suggests that nature itself is a kaleidoscope that is reflective, dynamic, elusive, and beautiful.

About the artist

Gaskell uses various media to express a fascination and connection to the natural world. Gaskell’s work attempts to express beauty and truthfulness of form; however, this is often tempered with a degree of playfulness and whimsy.