2022 Participating Artists

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Outback kaleidoscope

Wayne Rasmussen
610mm x 610mm   /  
Mixed media

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Wayne Rasmussen

The Queensland outback: vast, dangerous, magnificent. A kaleidoscope of mesmerising landscapes, as present as any sunrise or sunset. As visible as the flora and fauna, and standing in all weather, are the ever-present highway traffic signs. They are damaged, faded, vibrant, cracked, scratched, bent, shot, and have absorbed the weather conditions and dust into the very fabric of the sign. A visual ‘outback kaleidoscope’ assault.

The work can be viewed three ways, (1) in normal light; (2) under a black light (fluorescent); and (3) in the dark (phosphorescent).

About the artist

Rasmussen has been represented in over 30 exhibitions since 2000. Utilising found objects, usually bonded with fluorescent and phosphorescent paints, his artworks provide a unique platform for expression.