2022 Participating Artists

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The year that was…

Helen Dennis
12 canvases (205mm x 255mm)   /  
Acrylic on canvas

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Helen Dennis

Time cannot remain still; it is always evolving. The world as we see it is not static like a picture, but full of movement. Taking a pictorial calendar of the year that was past, tearing the colourful landscape images into pieces, and then rearranging the images into a new landscape, created The year that will be… so, continuing the kaleidoscopic cycle of creation, destruction, and re-creation.

About the artist

Through her art Dennis seeks to narrate the story of rural Australia in a contemporary context. Regional Australian colours are featured in compositions created from multidimensional images and perspectives, integrating to create her unique perspective of the country. A strong signature of her work is her minute attention to detail.