2022 Participating Artists

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The years are short

Melody Walker
400mm x 500mm   /  
Acrylic on canvas
Highly Commended: Painting

Melody Walker

This piece began on an autumn afternoon, watching my daughters play in the golden light. Endless movement captured in the repetition of their images across the canvas. The same few elements somehow repeatedly colliding to create unique moments in time. Easily missed. Each second something lost, something gained. The kaleidoscope of life in its early years.

Curator's Comment

This work takes a very different look at the theme, referring to the kaleidoscope of experiences we have in life and over time. This beautifully painted work captures that carefree childhood freedom to play and just ‘be’ that we all experienced at some time and get to reconnect to through our children.

About the artist

A person’s connection with time can change with parenthood. The hopes for more and next, is eclipsed by a painful awareness of the evanescence of each moment. Walker draws on this feeling, capturing the fleeting, the daily; painting the subjects and memories associated with them. Her works are reminders to stop and soak it in.