2022 Participating Artists

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From art to code

Kardia Stokes
400mm x 800mm   /  
Photography on canvas

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Highly Commended: Photography - digital, and new media art

Kardia Stokes

In a spirit of regret for the photographic medium, I temporarily put the camera aside and surrendered to an editing app.

All images of my 18 entries from previous Regional Artists’ Exhibitions, their struggles and their sense-making, were submitted to this app. With a few keystrokes each image was mirrored seven times. I could then arrange the images into any random pattern.

This exercise resulted in the visualisation of an idea, a kaleidoscope of encoded memories, which the future might unscramble and decipher as the current app is unable to.

Curator's Comment

The artist has taken the brief stylistically quite literally, creating kaleidoscope images through the digital manipulation of her photographs. I applaud the artist’s commentary on the impact of digital technology on the traditions of photography that they cherish in their practice. The finished work is a patchwork of images that when combined with the artwork statement, challenge us to question the interference of technology in the meaning of photography.

About the artist

Stokes feels photography has become a medium with an unpleasant taste. Until it can recover its reputation, she finds it important to add words to pictures to aid in their navigation.