2022 Participating Artists

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Ominous silence

Seth Gerke
600mm x 900mm   /  
Photography on canvas

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Seth Gerke

Ominous silence was created by capturing and editing over 700 photographs. This was achieved by utilising intervalometers that enable photographs to be mathematically calculated and taken every second. I chose to enhance a colourful lush green and yellow foreground to complement and contrast the powerful approaching supercell thunderstorm, which only produced these two visible air strikes that fell simultaneously together during its life cycle. The small insignificant house on the left side of the image reveals the scale of this uncontrollable beast.

About the artist

Gerke documents and exploits evolving natural landscapes through time-lapse photography, videography, orchestral compositions and meticulously captured still images. His relentless passion to present evolving turbulent structures, fuels Gerke’s respect for the domination of uncontrollable meteorological conditions and his almighty God.