2022 Participating Artists

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Ancient rock art (triptych)

Tim Tyrrell
355mm x 280mm each matted image   /  
Photography, cut and polished stones
2nd Place: Photography - digital, and new media art

Tim Tyrrell

The cutting and polishing of stones reveal a kaleidoscope of different patterns, colours and cell structures. I have been collecting stones for over 40 years, especially fossilised tree fern, agates, jaspers, and petrified wood, and find the complexity within the stones amazing. The fossilised tree ferns are approximately 160 million years old, and all stones have a variation of patterns and colours. The jaspers were formed around the time of volcanic activity and the colours can be spectacular. These stones were all found in the Miles, Wandoan area.

Curator's Comment

This series of works capture the kaleidoscope of patterns and colour unearthed from the Miles and Wandoan area. These would have been difficult surfaces to photograph and capture colour accuracy as well as the depth of texture and dimension with the accuracy of these images, and the artist has achieved this.

About the artist

Tyrell has been collecting stones for over 40 years and wants to share the complexity and beauty of their structure with people. Photographing the stones to reveal their beauty is a new passion for Tyrell.