2022 Participating Artists

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Aurora Kumbarilla

Guy Breay
400mm x 420mm x 200mm  /  

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This sculpture is carved from a Budgeroo tree stump from our property. It reflects on the natural cycles of light, shapes, contrasting textures, and colours that are constantly changing in the forest.

The focal point is the optical illusion of the Aurora’s rising sun that has been carved inside the tree stump.

There is a depiction of a rocky creek with a variety of gemstones. At night, it illuminates a spectrum of coloured and dappled light within and beyond the sculpture casting variable patterns of light and shadows.

About the artist

Guy Breay

From Breay’s sustainably managed forest at his property, The Stiks, he selects salvaged timber for carving. He is attracted to the texture of old, gnarled, and twisted wood, especially tree stumps and dead branches that already have interesting shapes. Breay’s carving styles constantly evolve and reflect on the inspiration from nature.