2022 Participating Artists

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Seth Gerke
4K 2160 x 3840   /  
Time-lapse Film

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1st Place: Photography - digital, and new media art & Youth Merit Award

Seth Gerke

Time-Lapse Video Documentary DOMINATION 3 was envisaged by collecting, editing and composing 100,000+ photographs, capturing the authority, aesthetic, and immense scale of nature that showcases the continuously changing environment. Editing techniques were utilised to sequence frames at approximately one millisecond each to create a running time-lapse. My work presents a mesmerising compilation that compresses time and energy, revealing landscapes, water vapour and refraction of colourful kaleidoscopic light in a visually dramatic exhibition of our Western Downs troposphere. My musical composition is written to accompany and enrich the visual emotion and overall powerful narrative of the subject matter.

Curator's Comment

From the crisp imagery and stirring music to the consistency of the horizon line, DOMINATION 3 demonstrates very high competency in digital film making. Through more than 100,000 timelapse photographs; the artist has captured the immense power of storms over the landscapes of Western Downs. The changing storm clouds and time of day influence the kaleidoscope of colour captured by the artist from the dark blues and greys through to rich and vibrant oranges, pinks and reds as the sun sets behind the storm. This work showcases the rich tapestry of landscapes of the region including the flat crop fields, the stoic tree lines and rustic rural buildings – all standing strong as the storms lash overhead. A beautifully constructed film.

About the artist

Gerke documents and exploits evolving natural landscapes through time-lapse photography, videography, orchestral compositions and meticulously captured still images. His relentless passion to present evolving turbulent structures, fuels Gerke’s respect for the domination of uncontrollable meteorological conditions and his almighty God.