2022 Participating Artists

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Going for gold

Meg Noack
500mm x 400mm   /  
Polychroma pencil on paper

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2nd Place: Works on paper

Meg Noack

The Bunya Mountains is exploding with rain-refreshed life. Within this bounty, feral animals multiply alarmingly. Pigs. Cats. Rabbits. Mice. All recently arrived. Humans respond. Bait. Poison. Trap. Shoot. Drastic solutions have unintended consequences. In the bush, dingoes evoke an array of emotions. Anger. Horror. Fear. Revulsion. At the Bunyas, there is a need to twist our emotional kaleidoscope and look again. Here, dingoes are already playing their part in natural, feral-pest control – in plain sight! Perhaps differing kaleidoscopic emotions can be identified? Recognition? Respect?…

Curator's Comment

This piece demonstrates very strong technical skill. The artist refers to the ’emotional kaleidoscope’ and varying perspectives of the dingo and its role in her home environment of the Bunyas. In this work the dingo looks almost demure, removing the fear that some feel for this beautiful animal with its pensive look enticing the viewer to take on the artist’s words that support the dingo as an important part of the eco-system.

About the artist

For Noack the Bunya Mountains inspire a deep sense of awe and wonder. Light and dark dance in ever-changing patterns on the rainforest floor. Animals create family groups and inhabit the rainforest in unique and wild ways. All have a vital role to play in this unique eco-system. Noack finds art a powerful way to explore and celebrate this natural web of life.