2023 Participating Artists

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Christopher Rigg
340mm x 285mm x 95mm  /  
Hardwood burl

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Blockage. The essential part of my art practice is timber. Usually long, curvaceous fine and smooth carvings. Blockage has taken my norm and turned it inside out. This structure is unlike any of my previous carvings in that it is a solid and stout chunk of timber that instead of drawing the viewers eye along the work, takes the viewer on a journey around and then through the heart of the piece. To the core, to the essence and beyond. The complex grain of the burl supports the chaos behind the thought processes of this work. Lines of varying colour are disrupted by the turbulence of the knots.

About the artist

Christopher Rigg is an artist working primarily on paper or in timber. His drawings are sculptural in appearance in that they have layers of texture and planes of colour. His works in timber are generally highly polished bringing the inner qualities of the timber to the fore. Sensual to touch they are often made from offcuts and found timbers.