2023 Participating Artists

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Kay Vidler
300mm x 250mm x 400mm  /  

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1st Place: 3D Works

These two pots represent the essence of friendship. Despite their unique shapes, both pots share the same fundamental core values. Just like true friends, they exhibit compatibility, trust, and respect, irrespective of outward appearances. Deep down, we connect with our friends in a spiritual way. The raku firing technique used on these pots highlights the beautiful crackle, symbolising that we all have surface cracks. However, friendship triumphs over these imperfections, with the vertical ribs symbolising the strength that lies beneath.

Great work. These works sit together like friends – the lean and sway of knowing a person. Reflects theme very well. Smells wonderful too!

About the artist

At her current studio, Works in Clay, in Kaimkillenbun, Kay Vidler derives immense satisfaction from creating artistic pieces that explore various forms, shapes, as well as raku and primitive firings.

Through my continued journey in ceramics, I aspire to push the boundaries of artistic

expression and constantly challenge myself to evolve as a ceramic artist.