2023 Participating Artists

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That dog, this dog

Sarah Davis
600mm x 500mm  /  
Ink pens and pencil on paper with scrap crochet and yarn

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That dog, this dog is an intimate, reflective piece exploring the very essence of my attachment to the dogs in my life. Since being diagnosed with PTSD after leaving a very violent relationship, I have struggled to sleep at night without episodes of paranoia. I was never one to allow animals to sleep in my bed, but while staying at a friend’s place, I had no choice. The security I felt with a dog at the end of my bed, facing the door, was something I wasn’t expecting and yet, it has become a major part of my recovery. The poem in the piece expresses how these dogs are my security blanket.

About the artist

Sarah Davis is a local artist who uses chaotic line work, playful colour schemes and repetition to explore her struggles with mental illness through her craft. Often abstract in appearance, Davis’ intimate work consists of used/recycled materials and mixed mediums to layer her work, assisting the viewer to immerse themselves in her point of view.