2023 Participating Artists

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Towering perseverance

Steve Cant
230mm x 120mm x 80mm  /  
Camphor Laurel & wire

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This sculpture consists of a wire tree delicately perched atop a towering rock face chiselled from a single piece of Camphor Laurel symbolizing the indomitable spirit of nature’s perseverance as it grips the rocky surface with a sense of resilience and determination. It serves as a reminder that even in the most challenging environments, life finds a way to grow, inspiring us to embrace our own inner strength and face life’s obstacles with unwavering resolve. Towering perseverance reflects upon the enduring power and beauty found in the essence of nature’s unyielding spirit. 

About the artist

Cant enjoys working with recycled and reclaimed wood due to its unique features, colours and patterns of the timber. He enjoys the process of uncovering the complexity within each piece by letting the grain guide the art direction as much as possible.