2023 Participating Artists

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Jayne Rohrlach
500mm x 300mm  /  

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Humans discovered the useful properties of clay 14,000 BCE or earlier.

Hand building is probably the earliest forming method, firing clay added new possibilities in developing the clay and surface decorations added yet another dimension.

To extract something so raw and natural from the earth and feel it with your hands involves physical work through the act of modelling, and observing the process is mentally challenging and satisfying. To be able to explore endless possibilities, experiment, and push boundaries with something so raw, and create something unique awakens one’s consciousness.

About the artist

Jayne Rohrlach resides in the picturesque township of Bell. Rohrlach has always dabbled in various aspects of art, with a focus on mainly painting in acrylics. Pottery had always been on her bucket list for some time and about 3 years ago she started to work on ceramics as well.

Her work is handmade, and she absolutely loves working with clay, and painting the individual pieces to her heart’s content.