2023 Participating Artists

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Essence of hope

Josephine Forster
500mm x 400mm  /  
Acrylic and silver foil

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I have been the butterfly, although at the time I didn’t know it. I’ve found myself on a path of incredible healing and hope where previously I felt hopeless. I started this butterfly as a piece about transformation but realised when I came out of hospital that the butterfly had already transformed but was broken and in need of help. It was a picture of hope.

The true essence of hope is deeper than doing something. You stand with your arms out wide and hold that hope in your soul, that your angels will come, and it will get better.

About the artist

Josephine Forster is an artist who tells a story with her art. Forster leads you down into your own emotions and feelings to explore what it really means to you; especially the darker pieces, although her aim is to always spread love, light and joy with her art.