2023 Participating Artists

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Essence of me

Hallie Vickers
297mm x 420mm  /  
1st Youth Merit Award

I’ve conveyed essence through my artwork by showing my own essence. My artwork was created with the intent to show everything that makes me, and what makes my essence special and different. With the core of the piece, I was influenced by the perception of my family and how they view me. Through that I have portrayed my essence in a ball of bright light. Symbolic elements frame my self-portrait that all represent key elements, interests, and the ‘essence’ of me.

Great work that connects well to the theme. Great use of gouache – good detail and clarity. Looking forward to seeing how your practice develops.

About the artist

Hallie Vickers is a contemporary modern artist who produces fine art depicting conceptual ideas and expressing personal messages through her artwork. Vickers experiments with a variety of mediums; typically highlighting digital manipulation. She is a 15-year-old artist with a dream and passion to pursue creative pathways.