2023 Participating Artists

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Little things

Samantha Wearing
400mm X 500mm  /  
Acrylic and watercolour

I have reflected the theme ‘Essence’ within my work, focusing on a specific area, ‘the essence of life’. With this area I decided to paint based around nature and how the smallest things can have the greatest impact. Bees are one of many creatures around the world that work to maintain balance. Thus, the essence of life is being who you truly are, working to support ourselves and what is around us. I am demonstrating that even the smallest act creates a chain of reaction.

About the artist

Samantha Wearing has grown up mostly using simple drawing media and colouring pens/pencils. Recently she has become more experimental with working in paint on canvas. The subject of her artworks mainly focuses on the intricate details that define her area of focus.