2023 Participating Artists

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Morning coffee (Don't talk to me)

Regina Hyland
443mm x 342mm  /  

Morning coffee (Don’t talk to me) is about those quiet moments before you begin your day; when it is just you, as you are – no interruptions or influences from the rest of the world (if you’re lucky). My husband holds this space fast; it is his to be who he is, no human exceptions. This is a painting of him with his beloved dog, Zeus. Portraiture plays an important role in my practice, with a heavy focus on realism. In consideration of the theme ‘Essence,’ I pared this back and used only what was necessary to convey my subject, exploring the essential colour, line and shape of ‘him’.

About the artist

Regina Hyland is an artist from Chinchilla on the Western Downs. Her work centres around people and place, with a particular focus on the ‘Cactoblastis’ story. She is inspired by the land she calls home and the people she loves. Her oeuvre ranges from small paintings to murals and public art, all driven by colour and shape.