2023 Participating Artists

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Kerri Haslem
350mm x 280mm  /  

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Highly Commended: Painting

Reflections can have multiple meanings. It can be looking back on the past with a particular feeling, or it can be the essence of an object throwing its reflection, such as depicted in this painting. The light coming through the window cast the most beautiful reflection by passing through the glass object. This still life came about by accident. I was working on another set up and placed this jug on the bench. I turned around to see the most stunning light reflected through it and knew I had to capture it in oils.

Lovely palette – soft and delicate. Beautiful capture of the subject. Has an Australian feminine modernist feel. Captures the essence and stillness of the moment.

About the artist

Kerri Haslem is a relatively new artist, only beginning to paint in 2019. Haslem likes to paint a wide variety of subjects ranging from equines, wildlife, birds, and more recently painting from life and still life. Oils on linen or canvas is her preferred medium. As an artist she is still developing and working on her own unique style.