2023 Participating Artists

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Seth Gerke
3840 x 2160  /  
Time-lapse film

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1st Place: Photography - digital, and new media art

My artwork cycles of continual evolution of weather conception, creation and collapse of individual water molecules. Tasteless H₂O droplets combine with sunlight that filter and enhance my orchestral composition immersing audiences into a dissolving audible focus with fluid visual foundations. By collecting, editing, and composing 100,000+ photographs, I capture microscopic vapor droplets, the extract and essence that combine to create thunderstorms in visually dramatic exhibitions of the Western Downs troposphere. Editing techniques sequence frames at 1/60th second creating a flowing time-lapse. My work presents a mesmerising compilation that liquefies time revealing the continual process of evaporation and condensation.

Exceptionally high quality video work capturing the essence of storm cycles across Western Downs. Music composition adds to the drama of the work. Fantastic videography and attention to lighting and composition.

About the artist

Gerke documents and exploits evolving natural landscapes through cinematography time-lapse films. His intended meaning is accompanied by his purposefully composed orchestral scores that meticulously heighten emotions of the captured imagery. Gerke’s relentless passion to present evolving turbulent structures fuels his respect for the uncontrollable meteorological conditions created by his almighty God.