2023 Participating Artists

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The boll of life

Katie Robertson
280mm x 353mm  /  

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2nd Place: Photography - digital, and new media art

In a time of self-reflection, I wander, I sit, I capture. For once what was a memory, is now a moment seized. So here I sit, in a cotton field with my camera, overthinking and alone, capturing the sunset when this one boll stands out. Raw essence shining in the reflection of the cotton candy sunset of winter. Standing proud and tall in all its glory. What this one boll has achieved in six months is phenomenal. What it will become is limitless; just as in our life. Self-reflection. Clarity. Growth.

Beautiful work. Captures the theme well. Great lighting and composition. Pares it back to its essence.

About the artist

In vision with her core belief that everything has a story worth telling, Katie Robertson captures the unique and raw elements of her surroundings through her lens whilst striving to create images that are both beautiful and meaningful whilst maintaining minimal edits to convey the true beauty of this country.