2023 Participating Artists

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Self-portrait with grevillea - blue black

Kristen Flynn
420mm x 297mm  /  
Oil ink on Fabriano Paper

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1st Place: Works on paper

The most quintessential condition of life is that it is temporary. In my work, Self-portrait with grevillea- blue black, the grevillea’s stem mimics a spine-like structure running through my face showing my fanciful internals- hinting at the fact there is something more behind my exterior. My work is about coming to terms with my mortality and understanding there is no life without death. This self-portrait acts as a mirror; I can stand in front of the artwork, and I see my reflection, allowing myself to contemplate life’s essence of ephemerality.

This work is simultaneously gritty and poignant. It cutes to the essence of life facing inevitable death.

About the artist

Flynn is a female contemporary artist that utilises old and new printmaking techniques to create works that investigate and communicate her identity. Living on a rural property, and being a mother, she is particularly drawn to investigating facets of motherhood, beauty, mortality, life cycles, and the abject.